Pool Liners

OverLap Standard Bead
Standard Bead
U Bead Overlap liners wrap over the top of the pool wall and are held in place with clips.
Standard beaded liners have bead that snaps into the pool wall coping.
U- beaded liners Slips over the top of the pool wall.

Overlap Liners

Blue                                     Lakota                                 Marble                                 Pebble                               Reflection 

Beaded Liners

Lakota                               Cambridge                      Hanover                           Lancashire                            Pebble     

Liner Options

Standard Sizes

Wall Height

Colour Pattern

Round Pools: 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 21, 24, 27, 30 feet diameter
Oval Pools: 12x24, 15x20, 15x21, 15x25, 15x27, 15x30, 15x33, 16x26, 16x32, 18x30, 18x33 feet
Standard Beaded Liners Fit 48 inches (No Cove) and 52 inches; (4 inches Cove) pool walls. Cove refers to a triangular hard foam piece that rounds corner where your pool walls meet the floor.
54 inches pool walls available by special order and may not be available in all patterns.
Classic Liners are made from the same material as our standard liners but are lower in cost due to their popularity. Colour of material may vary, come into our store and ask to see actual liner sample. Seam lines may be visible.

Pool Pad

Patterns By Price

-Completely Blue
-Classic Full Print of Marble or Lakota
-Blue walls with Marble, Pebble, or Reflection Floor
-Full Print Pebble

Classic Lakota
Cambridge, Hanover, Lancashire, or Pebble